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Unveiled Corsica. Sainte-Lucie-de-Tallano. Couvent St-Francois

In my trip to inland Corsica I was attracted by Sainte-Lucie-de-Tallano. Sainte-Lucie de Tallano is an small mountain village, perched high above the Rizzanese Valley in Corsica's Alta Rocca, famous for the charming view of its stone houses with red tiled roofs set against the mountains. I get there and I that it has a pleasant village square with a fountain, lined with a handful of good restaurants where you can watch the locals play petanque, whilst soaking up the quintessentially Corsican atmosphere. In my search for a good picture of the village I went to the Couvent of St-Francois it looks to be Sainte-Lucie's famous viewpoint over its rooftops. But, I was lucky, and some locals just open the old green door and let me in. The convent cannot be visited for the moment because is in restoration works. The works are being planed, and soon will start. I appreciated this opportunity and we said good buy with promise that I will return one day to see it done. Besides this, it’s still an amazing place, full of story and charisma.

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